Getting back behind the wheel

October is Transport Month in South Africa. The transport and logistics industry often takes this time to celebrate the innovations made in the industry, address the challenges and review processes. The Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa recently took the opportunity to interview QASA COO, Raven Benny, on all things disability and transport related.

One of the topics discussed was the possible adaptations to vehicles, which would make it possible for people with disabilities to drive themselves. In his response, Raven noted the importance of getting a professional assessment done by an occupation therapist to ensure that you are able to drive around independently.

“You need a medical practitioner, an occupational therapist, do to an assessment on you to see if you have the ability, the hand function and stability required. It is no use getting into a vehicle if you are unsafely there, flopping around, as you can injure yourself or someone else,” he explained during the podcast recording.

He adds that the role of the occupational therapist is not only to let you know if you can or can’t drive, but also to let you know what equipment you will require in order to drive safely. Raven mentioned that QASA can assist people with disabilities in getting their driver’s licence through its Driving Ambitions Programme.

Of the programme, he says: “It takes care of each and every step to get you mobile, licenced and behind the wheel again.”

To learn more about the programme or to enrol, contact QASA on 031 767 0352 or View the full interview between Raven and the AA below.

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