Holiday hire

It’s all very well being ideally set up with all your equipment and devices at home, but what happens when you travel?

Many of us wheelchair users have various pieces of equipment in our daily lives and when we have to go away on vacation or for business, we have to compromise and sometimes struggle. I often get calls from people with disabilities asking if there are any places that will hire out a commode chair or a hoist so that they can continue to go about their business while away from home. It’s a dilemma and an opportunity.

Here’s what I’ve found…

There are companies that offer all sorts of equipment, from “hospital beds” to pressure mattresses, commodes, portable hoists, as well as wheelchairs, walkers, rollators and more.

They are mainly situated within the larger cities, so if you are planning to travel somewhere smaller, you will have to hire your equipment and take it with you. Some companies will deliver within a certain radius from their location and some charge, so it is best to contact them directly.

Happy travels!

Mandy Latimore is a consultant in the disability sector in the fields of travel and access. email:

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