Injured, not impaired

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Irene Fischer was in a horrific car accident in 2009, which caused severe damage to her brain. In her memoir, I Am Still Here, Fischer takes the readers on her journey through recovery, sharing her most intimate thoughts on her condition, human nature and the way people refer to brain injury survivors.

Written with honesty and openness, the novel shares intimate photographs, email correspondence and even snippets from her sister’s diary written during the first few months after the accident. She provides insights into her post-accident life – learning how to walk, talk and write – as well as the response of her family.

I Am Still Here is an unashamed telling of Fischer’s curiosity about her condition, her struggle with depression and her frustration with people who don’t understand severe trauma to the brain. Her determination and candour will leave you laughing, crying and inspired. It should definitely be on your list of books to read in 2018.

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