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Joy Duffield
By Joy Duffield
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With the isolation brought on by the national lockdown, people lack human contact. Joy Duffield explains how the beauty industry can help

The beauty industry often gets classified as a luxury. This is not all true. There are various important roles hairdressers, beauty therapists, and massage therapists play in society besides the fulfilment of improving our natural selves.

Touch is such an important aspect of our lives. It is scientifically proven to strengthen our immune system. Touch improves our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Pain relief is something we all require at some point, especially if we are sitting in the same position for many hours at a time. The repetitive strain causes tension in the muscles that can become quite painful, cause headaches and affect our posture. A massage can offer relief from such neck tension or pain.

It can also benefit those who suffer from pain caused by nerve damage, tingling or a burning sensation on the skin. Start with light strokes and then increase the pressure to see what is most comfortable.

A massage can improve circulation by moving deoxygenated blood back to the heart which then pumps oxygenated blood to the massaged area. The lymphatic circulation increases, which helps to remove toxins out of the body and reduce puffiness or swollen feet and ankles.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also a need for chronic stress management. These quiet moments can relieve stress and anxiety, as well as allow for a moment to just breathe. This relaxation is renowned for improving insomnia.

Including massages into your routine can improve your health. It’s not even necessary to venture out of your home as mobile therapists are often available for home visits. Alternatively, you and your loved ones can spoil each other with a foot rub or vigorous scalp massage to get some blood to the brain. For a nice back massage, stand behind a chair and let the thumbs rotate on the shoulder muscles.

If you cannot do that, just enjoy a simple hug with your family members every day. An affectionate touch is an intimate act that channels feel-good energy through our bodies.

COVID-19 and lockdown has taken away many hugs in the last couple of months and made it very difficult for people to connect through touch, so, try giving quality touch to those around you and stay safe.

contributorJoy Duffield is a C4 – C5 quadriplegic since 2005. Married with no children, she founded the Beauty Academy International in 2002. She was also a finalist in the entrepreneur category for the Business Woman Association (BWA) in 2015.

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Joy Duffield has been a C4-C5 quadriplegic since 2005. She is the owner of Beauty Academy International, an international training Institute for the beauty industry and a distributor of hair and beauty products in South Africa.
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