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If you or someone you love recently suffered a disability, navigating through this new way of living will inevitably be challenging. It can be even more difficult to adjust to the idea of being driven around when you’ve always driven yourself. However, having a disability does not necessarily mean the end of your driving days.

It just means that you have to think differently about the subject. We take a look at car “alterations” that can make driving with a disability easier, so that you can get back behind the wheel.

Modified pedals

If you struggle to reach the pedals, they can be adjusted. Pedals can now be extended according to your preference – they could be brought closer to the driver’s seat to enable you to drive comfortably. Or perhaps you want to consider hand pedals.

Left-foot accelerator pedal

You may struggle to use the right-foot accelerator if you aren’t able to use your right leg. However, you could get a left-foot accelerator in an automatic car to enable you to use your left leg to move the car forward and brake.

Push-and-pull device

Using pedals may not work for everyone. If you’re unable to drive using your legs to control the vehicle, you could opt for a push-and-pull device. It is controlled by using only your hands and will allow you to adjust the speed of your car with one lever to brake and accelerate when driving.

Driving from a wheelchair

You don’t have to worry about getting out of your wheelchair to get into the driver’s seat – you can simply drive as you are. The vehicle can be accessed via a ramp or a lift. Unfortunately this option is currently limited to minivans and combis, as only these vehicles offer adequate height so that the driver doesn’t feel constricted.

Other functions

It’s important to make your overall driving experience as pleasant as possible. There are specific remote-control devices that can help you operate controls in your car such as the windscreen wipers, headlights and indicators with one single control panel that is mounted on the steering wheel. Also note that cruise control is really handy in preventing driver fatigue, especially when driving long distances!

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