QASA prospers despite challenges

Despite the many obstacles in the last year, QASA is still going strong. Most notably, the organisation saw a growth in its finances – something few organisations can claim following a year in lockdown.

During the virtual QASA Annual General Meeting held on Saturday, 18 September 2021, treasurer Richard Barron gave an overview. He stated that QASA hasn’t been immune to the coronavirus pandemic or lockdown. Many of the fundraising activities were cancelled, such as the annual SABAT Wheelchair Race. This, along with the strain on the economy, resulted in less income for the financial year.

However, this same restrictions that hindered activities resulted in less spend, which actually left the organisation in better standing at the end of the financial year. QASA COO, Raven Benny, added that the organisation will continue to look for ways to reduce spending to ensure that QASA can continue to support South African paraplegics and quadriplegics.

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