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The new hydrophilic coated catheter SpeediCath® Navi from Coloplast is now available in South Africa. The single-use catheter is considered a “soft” catheter and has with a hydrophilic coating. Packaged in a sterile saline solution, the SpeediCath® Navi is designed to meet the user’s unique anatomy, including various hand dexterities from normal to slightly reduced.

SpeediCath Navi, Coloplast, catheter

The catheter designed for the specific needs of emerging markets and South Africa will be the first country to launch. Andrew Robinson, senior vice president for Coloplast Emerging Markets, says: “We invest in our emerging markets and, as a market leader, we are proud to offer superior products to help improve the quality of life for our catheter users in this region.

“Besides helping our users adopt and maintain a healthy bladder management routine, SpeediCath® Navi will help us realise our ambition of raising the standard of care for catheter users in markets with lower reimbursement.”

Read more about the SpeediCath® Navi in the next issue of ROLLING INSPIRATION or contact Coloplast for a free sample. Fill in the form below and WhatsApp or email a scan or photo of it to 060 549 9002 or caresa@coloplast.com. Alternatively, visit www.coloplast.com for more information.

Fill in the form and send to Coloplast to get your free sample.
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