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ROLLING INSPIRATION has introduced Zapper to make it easier for readers to subscribe to the magazine. Using this app is very easy. Here’s how!

Getting started with the app

The Zapper app is free to download from any Apple Store, Google Play Store or Windows Store. It is important to look for the blue letter “z” icon in order to download the correct Zapper app. Agree to the terms and conditions and download the app.

Once the app is successfully downloaded to your cellphone, open it and click on the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. Here you will enter in all your personal details needed to use the app. Agree to the terms and conditions before entering in a name and email address. A proof of payment will be sent to this email address whenever something is purchased through the Zapper app.

The app will then ask you to verify the cellphone number. Enter the cellphone number used for the device on which Zapper is downloaded. A verification code will be sent to that number, which you will need to enter on the app. Once it’s been verified, enter the details of the debit or credit card that will be used to make purchases.

Those details can either be entered in manually or the card can be scanned in the app. When all the details are entered, click “add” at the bottom right of the screen. You are now ready to make your first purchases! If you need further assistance, watch the video:


Subscribing to get your copy of ROLLING INSPIRATION

Once you have set up all your personal details on the app, you can use the scanner to subscribe to ROLLING INSPIRATION. On opening the scanner, it will look as if you are taking a photograph. Hold your cellphone over the barcode, which can be found on the ROLLING INSPIRATION cover or on the subscription pages in the magazine.

It is important to note which barcode you are scanning. The cover barcode is for a one-year print subscription. There are, however, multiple subscription options. You can also subscribe to the print magazine for two years or subscribe to only the online content for one or two years.

After you have scanned the barcode, a pop-up will appear to verify the amount you would like to pay and the subscription you would like to buy. If it is correct, simply confirm the order or cancel if you would like to pick a different subscription.

Once you have made the payment, you will receive a proof of payment at the registered email address. It is not necessary to forward this information to ROLLING INSPIRATION.

If you are still unsure, you can contact Zapper directly at or visit the website at

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your subscription or would like to subscribe to the magazine the good-old fashioned way, phone the ROLLING INSPIRATION offices at 011 782 1070 or send an email to Readers can also subscribe online by visiting our subscription page today.

Never miss out on your copy of ROLLING INSPIRATION. Subscribe today!

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