The Elephant in the room

Heinrich Grimsehl
By Heinrich Grimsehl
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For any new amputee one of the biggest challenges they have to deal with is the change in physical appearance.

Many able-bodied people find it difficult to relate to amputees, because losing a limb is not something your mind can really fathom.

Walking into a room full of able-bodied people while wearing a visible prosthesis is much like bringing a large elephant into the room – the more you try to hide it, the more everybody wants to stare.

In my experience I have found that people are much more accepting of the elephant when patients and non-amputees are encouraged to embrace the new look. Technology is so advanced that it allows us to decorate a prosthetic limb with all sorts of bells and whistles. And by “bells and whistles”, I literally mean bells and whistles.

Of course a prosthesis can resemble the sound limb as closely as possible with veins, fine hairs and even nails, but that’s not our focus today.

Think the Star Wars Clone army, Iron Man and Vidia. (To those without kids, that’s Tinkerbell’s friend).

Recently, we stumbled upon a “unyq” new product that has taken the aesthetic value of an artificial limb to a whole new level.

UNYQ, a US-based company, has launched an impressive variety of prosthetic covers, with something for everyone. The fairings can fit over any prosthesis and give it a completely updated, modern and stylish look so that amputees can make the most of showing off their prosthesis.

I’m almost certain that prosthetists around the world enjoy these one-of-a-kind pieces almost as much as the amputees who are wearing them.

It seems to give prosthetic users an amazing sense of confidence and spoils them for choice, so that they can take control of their appearance again. UNYQ fairings serve as a fashion accessory and also provide some protection for the prosthesis.

Recently, UNYQ partnered with one of our most trusted suppliers, OttoBock, to improve the quality of life for amputees even more. They offer products that enable patients to combine their own identity with the level of technology that OttoBock provides.

We are convinced that amputees who confidently express their own style and personality will find it easier to reintegrate into that crowd in the room.

We are excited to annouce that we’ll start fitting UNYQ fairings in the near future.

Heinrich Grimsehl is a prosthetist in private practice and a member of the South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (SAOPA). email:

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Heinrich Grimsehl
By Heinrich Grimsehl Prosthetist
Heinrich Grimsehl is a prosthetist in private practice and a member of the South African Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (SAOPA).
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