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After introducing its GentleCath Glide low-friction hydrophilic-intermittent catheter earlier this year, ConvaTec had 16 catheter users test it and complete an online survey to share their thoughts. The majority of the participants were men, 94 percent had suffered a spinal cord injury and 88 percent had reduced or greatly reduced dexterity.

About 75 percent of the participants had been performing intermittent catheterisation for more than three years. Of the participants, 16 percent were hospitalised in the last 12 months because of a bladder infection.

GentleCath Glide uses unique FeelClean technology that activates on wetting and helps to reduce the amount of residue left behind during catheterisation. It also has a no-touch sleeve to help prevent contamination of the catheter. The device received great feedback from almost all the participants.

Some 95 percent of participants found it somewhat, very or extremely easy to open the protective no-touch sleeve, while 76 percent found it easy to open the packaging.

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About 88 percent were somewhat, very or extremely satisfied with the lubrication of the catheter, and 82 percent felt very or extremely clean after using it. Of the catheter users, 56 percent found that it performed better than their current catheter and 63 percent indicated that they were switching to the GentleCath Glide after the test.

One of the catheter users surveyed said: “I was impressed with the GentleCath intermittent catheter for the following reasons: the ‘no touch sleeve’, and the fact that there is no lubricating gel required, made the process clean and hygienic. I found it easy to use and it feels smoother than most of the catheters I’ve used in the past. Love it!”

Finding the perfect catheter is difficult and not every type works for everyone, but the GentleCath Glide has been given the thumbs up by fellow catheter users. You can try it by ordering a sample on the Umsinsi Health Care website today. Visit to order.

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