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Written by Leon Mouton

My brother, Paul and his wife are permanent caravanners in the Dibiki Holiday Resort in Hartenbos owned by Oosie and Martie Pretorius. Paul suffers from Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, a debilitating neuro muscular disease that causes deterioration of the muscles in the entire body. Deterioration differs from person to person. Paul was still able to walk with the assistance of a cane, three months ago.

After contracting shingles, his nerve endings deteriorated to the extent that he has no feeling in his hands and all his limbs collapsed in a very short time, leaving him at the mercy of others. His dear wife Jeannie bearing much of the load.

Caravan life became difficult to impossible without the assistance of expensive equipment. The ablution facilities became out of reach as Paul could not even get upright in his bed.

He lost dignity in a very short space of time, due to his dependence on others for the most basic tasks that includes basic hygiene.

In came the contribution of two beautiful Christian people in the owners of the resort, Oosie and Martie. Where permanent caravanners such as Paul and Jeanne would normally move out of the resort over Christmas as it is a high-income period, they were given a permanent space that would not necessitate them moving out.

Oosie and Martie built, at their own expense, ablution facilities for people with disabilities, that can only be described as magnificent. With the necessary assistance, Paul can now attend to his ablution duties in a much more dignified way, opening the door for him and Jeannie to continue living in the resort.

Oosie, Martie and the community around them clearly portray the principles and example set by Jesus. The whole community have contributed to making circumstances for Paul and Jeanne, live-able.

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