Wheelmate to track accessibility

The Coloplast WheelMate mobile app makes it easier to find accessible parking bays and bathrooms

Many companies try to accommodate people with disabilities by providing accessible bathrooms and parking bays. However, it can be challenging to locate these when first visiting a new building. In addition, these may not meet the necessary universal access requirements.

Fortunately, Coloplast has introduced a mobile app to help track down accessible parking bays and bathrooms. The WheelMate App is free to download and use for both Android and IOS.

It relies on users to register accessible locations. New sites can only be added while the user is at the parking bay or bathroom as the app uses the current location when registering a new site.

As new locations are added, they appear on a map within the app. This allows users to easily track down accessible bathrooms and parking bays in their area or the areas that they plan to visit.

According to the description on the app: “The WheelMate app provides a dynamic overview of the nearest public conveniences to help you plan your day.”

By clicking on the icon for an accessible bathroom or parking bay, users can also request the location. This will open up the navigating app (for example Google Maps) on your device to help guide you to the location.

In addition, the app also allows users to rate the accessible parking bays and bathrooms through a simple thumbs up or down rating system. The rating of the bathroom will thus be determined by the number of users who have given it a good or bad rating.

This assists users with not only finding accessible parking bays and bathrooms, but also determining whether they are in a good condition, potentially meeting the necessary universal access requirements.

The WheelMate app currently has more than 35 000 locations across 45 countries with nearly 17 000 downloads globally.

There are only some locations registered in South Africa, but as more people download and use the app, it will become more user-friendly. So, download the app today!

#WheelMateZA Campaign Winner

To promote the WheelMate app and encourage more users to download, register and rate accessible bathrooms and parking bays, Coloplast partnered with Rolling Inspiration, Smergos and WHASCP Fitness. The three partnering companies assisted Coloplast with promoting the app on social media in June through the #WheelMateZA campaign.

Leanne Watson (right) was drawn as the winner of the campaign. She was awarded a prize from each company. Congratulations to Leanne!

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