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Katleho Moeketsi

In 2016, Katleho Moeketsi was excitedly preparing to work as a qualified teacher. But instead, his journey as a C4/C5 quadriplegicstarted when he was hit by a car while waiting to cross the road. During his recovery, the economic and risk management graduate made a plan.

Moekesti joined the QASA Work Readiness Programme, where he is readying himself for permanent employment. The programme encourages holistic development, which, for Moeketsi, included obtaining his driver’s licence.

He says getting his licence has brought hope and courage back into his life. Now he plans to secure permanent employment through the programme that has changed many lives in the mere six months of its existence. Moeketsi thanked the QASA team for their professionalism and willingness to assist.

Johannes Sithole

Moeketsi was not the only participant in the programme to benefit from its holistic approach. Johannes Sithole suffered an SCI when he sustained a gunshot. The 28-year-old was thrilled to learn that he would be able to drive again after his injury. He passed his driver’s licence test on the first try! His struggle to find accessible transport is over.

Sithole encourages all wheelchair users to make use of the services offered by QASA. He thanked the QASA staff for their ongoing support and dedication to helping paraplegics and quadriplegics realise their full potential. QASA would like to wish Sithole and Moeketsi all the best in this new chapter of their lives!


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