We’re all in this together

As the country celebrated Human Rights month, a large portion of society remained deeply concerned about the apparent disregard for their vulnerability This disregard was shown by the government department responsible for the only source of income and economic stability known to them, namely the social grant beneficiaries… By now […]

An ethical culture

QASA is not only an efficiently run organisation; it also puts human rights at the forefront of its activities. All organisations have ethical frameworks that influence the manner in which they operate. It is their way of how they go about their business. This way of doing things gets carried […]

Yes we can…

A BBC advert that promoted the 2016 Paralympics contained an inspiring message about the capabilities of all participating athletes. The stars of the Paralympics in Rio did not disappoint. All of us observers were wowed by superb performances by many talented athletes from all over the world and the South […]

Equal playing fields

Two events of national importance may seem very different, but there are similiarities The first is the municipal elections, which took place on August 3; and the other is the 2016 Rio Olympics, followed by the Paralympics. These events might not appear to have much in common, but they both […]

Better Together

We should look for opportunities and events that everyone can enjoy, despite their differences. At times I feel that because I am a person with a disability, there’s a distance between myself and the people around me. My first barrier usually is the hardware, my assistive devices, because it is […]

Let’s all be included

Equality before the law: it may sound simple but it’s a crucial feature of our democracy It is a sign of a sound government that there are rules in place that govern the way that the society functions. And for our young democracy it is a sure sign of maturity. […]

To pee or not to pee?

Using a public restroom can be a hassle-free pleasure – or a pain. have been in plenty of bathrooms throughout my life and I know that what happens in there doesn’t usually make for an interesting story. But two of my recent experiences highlight the contrast in available amenities and […]

Time for change

It’s not only the Springbok team that needs transformation – wheelchair rugby also deserves a fresh, all-encompassing approach. With the kick-off of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in London just weeks away at the time of writing, transformation has been on many South African rugby fans’ lips. After the announcement […]