Myths about female sexuality

It can be difficult for women who have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI) to Afind information on sexuality. Danie Breedt debunks some of the myths According to a study by Ferreiro-Velasco and colleagues (2005), 69 percent of women with SCIs are satisfied with their current sexual activity. This could […]

A healthy approach to the sex talk

While many parents can find it uncomfortable, sexual health education is a crucial part a child’s upbringing. DANIE BREEDT gives some tips on how to approach the discussion, including talking to children with disabilities Learning to access sex education as well as talk openly and honestly about sexual health is […]

Emotional impact of SCI on sexuality

  The loss of sensation that often comes with a spinal cord injury (SCI) can lead to less enjoyable sex, fortunately, building an emotional connection can be the remedy Most of sexual rehabilitation often become despondent when this is the following an SCI focuses on physical changes and alternatives, especially for […]

Love in lockdown

Stuck in our houses with a global pandemic raging outside can place great strain on a relationship. Danie Breedt shares some advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship during lockdown With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, all aspects of our daily lives have been impacted with relationships as no exception. […]