Meagre increase for disability grants

  At the end of February, the increases for the disability and other social grants were announced for 2021/22. The announcement was met with backlash as the trade union federation, Cosatu, pointed out that the increases were less than inflation. The government was unapologetic about their approach. Disability grants were […]

Webinar offers readers more value

In January, Rolling Inspiration hosted its second webinar. The aim of the event was to promote Issue 4 of 2020, provide readers with even more information, and offer an opportunity for the audience to directly engage with the contributors and advertisers in the magazine. The free-to-attend, full-day webinar boasted 10...

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Success with first webinar

On Friday, 23 October, Rolling Inspiration hosted its first webinar during which readers could engage with the Rolling Inspiration team of disability experts who write for the publication. With topics ranging from health and beauty to employment and travel, the full-day webinar consisted of ten session with 15-minute breaks in...

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Nothing to celebrate

This was no average women’s month. Aside from the lockdown, which kept most South Africans home, the traditional well wishes for women on social media were overshadowed and replaced with call for justice. Domestic abuse and the murder of women and girls (dubbed femicide) in South Africa are always highlighted […]

Inaugural Road Heroes Award

The Road Ethics Project (REP), in partnership with the Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa, announced that former QASA CEO Ari Seirlis is its inaugural Road Heroes Award winner. This award celebrates an individual dedicated to improving road safety. “While we had many worthy nominees, Seirlis was head and shoulders […]

CBD oil for pain relief

Patricia Taylor, owner of Life Retreat, shares some advice on managing neck pain and the benefits of CBD oil in pain management: There is mounting evidence suggesting that cannabis oil helps alleviate symptoms of muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, autism, insomnia and depression among others. Made from the calming cannabidiol (CBD) […]

Nappy Run returns

The annual five-kilometre Nappy Run fun run returns to Johannesburg Zoo on National Children’s Day (Saturday, November 2). The campaign focuses on raising awareness of the conditions children with disabilities live under, the challenges they face and their rights that are violated. It also serves to raise funds to buy […]