Journeying back from catastrophic injury

A devasting rugby injury almost left Lifa Hlongwa paralysed. Fortunately, a keen eye and wiggling toe proved otherwise It all began with a step so small it could have been measured in millimetres. “I actually didn’t even notice it myself,” says Lifa Hlongwa, the ebullient 27-year-old economics student, as he […]

Not just surviving but thriving

Koben Hofmeyr has only begun to chase his potential. DAN LOMBARD reports The world is currently operating under abnormal circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, for 18-year-old Koben Hofmeyr, this is exactly the arena in which he thrives. Endurance triathlons are seen as the pinnacle of sport as it […]

Spinal injury to inspirational coffee

With a little help from the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Player’s Fund, Ollie Terblanche had the courage to find and pursue new passions, which lead to the inspirational Rise Coffee brand Heinrich “Ollie” Terblanche was a determined rugby player with high hopes for a career in the sport he loved. […]

Making the most of a good opportunity

After a life altering rugby injury, Furlo Theron makes the most of a good opportunity. The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund shares the story of hope In November of last year, Tori Gardner, the marketing manager for the Players’ Fund, visited the Fund beneficiary, Furlo Theron, at his home […]

Players’ Fund introduces Project Hero

Since 1980, the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund has been the caring hands for the rugby industry in South Africa. When rugby injury changes a life, the fund steps in to offer help and hope by ensuring that the injured player retains their dignity, leads a fulfilled life and […]