Caring better for your bladder

 With gaps in the level of care, Dr Virginia Wilson and her team wrote a paper on the recommended best practice for bladder management. Mariska Morris reports Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are accompanied often by other conditions due to the damage caused to the nervous system. A common resulting condition […]

Fighting for better bladder management care

“Patients with spinal cord injuries are a small percentage of the population with a long-term disability. So, it is up to us, as clinicians, to really empower and engage with our individual patients to provide them with knowledge on managing their bladder to enable them to fight to receive the […]

Healthcare Y2K is here: what wheelchair users need to prepare for

The private healthcare industry underwent a coding restructuring yesterday (March 1), whereby the existing coding conventions for everything from medicines to wheelchairs and surgical supplies will migrate from six to seven digits. Wilma Liebenberg, CEO of Knowledge Objects, says: “This coding change is equivalent to the pharmaceutical and private healthcare […]