Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on people with disabilities

Independent transformation and disability specialist, Tshepo Mothiba, looks at how people with disabilities were impacted during the global COVID-19 pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably one of the greatest global humanitarian emergencies since the Second World War. Its adverse impact has once again highlighted the deep-seated societal inequalities emanating from, […]

Tips to travel by road safety

Between lockdown restrictions and civil unrest, travelling safely can be challenging. Mandy Latimore provides tips for remaining safe on the road The civil unrest in June and August, as well as travel restrictions, has made me reconsider the safety measures that we need to put in place to travel safely […]

Complex motives behind fake news

Spreading fake news is generally acknowledged as being disruptive and potentially harmful. So much so that our nation’s president has on several occasions cautioned the public against sharing false information, with particular reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what drives people to create and circulate fake news? Kiara Sunder, a […]