Rental industry post-lockdown

As the National State of Disaster ends, several regulations around evicting tenants from a rental property fall away. Cilna Steyn investigates The National State of Disaster, in particular the lockdown regulations, had a profound impact on the rental industry. Some of these regulations pertained specifically to rental housing. These included […]

Must-know legalities for tenants with disabilities

While South African laws do protect renters with disabilities from evictions, Cilna Steyn urges renters to disclose their disability in the rental agreement The right of occupation is important when discussing rental property. There are two seemingly similar, and yet, not equal rights when dealing with immoveable properties: the right […]

Accessiblity: Body Corporate’s Responsibility

Are individuals or the body corporate responsible for ensuring buildings are wheelchair accessible? Cilna Steyn provides some clarity  Sectional title ownership (owning a flat or property in a complex) and residence comes with its challenges but is very often the most convenient way to live. There is one important question […]