Break free from painful thoughts

Traumatic memories can shape our responses to stress triggers in everyday life. It can influence our decisions and behaviours, whether we are conscious of it or not. A neuroscience-informed approach to therapy, which has gained attention internationally and is now available in South Africa, offers hope for changing patterns of […]

Complex motives behind fake news

Spreading fake news is generally acknowledged as being disruptive and potentially harmful. So much so that our nation’s president has on several occasions cautioned the public against sharing false information, with particular reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what drives people to create and circulate fake news? Kiara Sunder, a […]

New digital mental health platform

Facing severe and ongoing anxiety, depression and other mental health risks presented by COVID-19, The Space Between Us  (TSBU) is launching a technology-enabled, built-for-purpose, clinically led behaviour change platform that provides mental health access, insights, community support, content and engagement for South Africans in the workplace and individuals on social […]