Will you survive entrepreneurship?

Nicholas Smit runs a tutoring company called Straight A Tutors as well as the wheelchair accessories company Smergos. He is a motivational speaker on issues of disability, mathematics, creativity and entrepreneurship. He shares with us his experience of being an entrepreneur Many people have a romantic notion of entrepreneurship, which […]

Tips on getting hired if you have a disability

Finding employment can sometimes be tough. It often involves sifting through messages of rejection and attending a few unsuccessful interviews before you finally get a call or email to say, ‘Welcome aboard’. For people with disabilities, it can be harder still to find a job. Even though employers cannot legally […]

Tips to help fight depression without medication

Journalism student Thulisile Gadebe discusses the topic. Depression can be caused by many factors, including traumatic experiences, such as losing a job, being diagnosed with an illness or divorce. Many people who suffer from depression neglect basic daily activities and things they used to do. Life becomes stagnant. Most people often […]