The battle for single-use catheters

Medical professionals agree that hydrophilic single-use catheters are the safest option for individuals requiring clean intermittent catheterisation. Medical aids are, however, unwilling to cover the cost. Following a spinal cord injury (SCI), one of the greatest challenges is to manage incontinence. Urinary incontinence and the management of the paralysed bladder […]

Tendon transfers

Patients suffering from an SCI that has compromised their upper limbs may consider the option of tendon-transfer surgery Living with spinal cord injury (SCI) is challenging at the best of times. Individuals with an SCI where upper limb function is normal and preserved (paraplegics) are usually functionally independent in all […]

Dem bones, dem dry bones…

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is frequently accompanied by joint problems, but these can often be overcome with careful management and exercise. The so-called “over-use syndromes” seen in SCI are widely known. Both in paraplegia and in independently functioning tetraplegics, the upper limb becomes the remaining functioning unit, and therefore the […]