Children with disabilities can travel a little more safely

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Wheel Well has partnered with Born Fabulous, importers of the Scandinavian BeSafe products, to bring the BeSafe iZi Up HC Booster car seat to South Africa. It’s specially designed to cater for children with a disability.

Wheel Well notes on its website: “We realised that children with disabilities do not have an alternative in car seats after they have outgrown the toddler seat.” This motivated the organisation to team up with Born Fabulous.

It is a seat with extremely good protection, thanks to the revolutionary Side Impact Rotation System (SIR), which will protect the child in the event of a side-on collision by allowing the car seat to rotate away. It is available for children and young people up to 135 cm who need more support and comfort.

“Special need restraint” is the ECE test that provides a basis for legal changes, the benchmark and a legal requirement in the commercial car seat market. The BeSafe iZi Up HC Booster has been tested according to the “Special need restraint” criteria (clearly stated on its own ECE approval number on the back of the chair). The chair offers a special headrest, extra thigh support, side wings with adjustable width and height, pommel, a soft seat unit and soft back padding.

Both Born Fabulous and Wheel Well have waived all profit on this seat to make it more affordable. For more information about the car seat, visits the Wheel Well website or visit the Born Fabulous website to buy your own BeSafe iZi Up car seat.


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  • Good day, I have a 12 yr old daughter (31 kg) diagnosed at 7 months with lissencephaly (severe epileptic syndrome)
    she functions mentally on a 6mnth baby level and is in great need of a car seat. the medical aid only pay for 1 equipment per year and unfortunately she desperately needs a seizure wand for a vns that was inserted into her chest last year. medical will not pay for a car seat as well. kindly advise what I need to do in order to purchase or qualify for a car seat for my child.
    Thanking you kindly

    • Unfortunately, we can’t really advise you on this topic. The best might be to chat to a tax expert who can help you claim the expenses of a car seat back from SARS, alternatively, you might want to chat to an association that might assist in funding the car seat. You can contact Jaco Kruger (a disability rebates specialist) at or Epilepsy South Africa at (021) 556-3753, or visit the website at

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