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When planning a holiday, you might want to visit the Disway website, which is hosted by Good Sailors. Employees with disabilities make up 80 percent of Good Sailors staff, which is situated in the Czech Republic and hosts Disway as part of its social-projects initiative.

Disway is aimed at travellers with disabilities who’re looking for information about the accessibility of various destinations around the world. Jiří Maule, its founder and a wheelchair user himself, realised he was wasting many hours searching for information about accessible venues while planning family vacations. It inspired him to create an information hub with all the accessibility information in one place.

People can also share their experiences on the website.

“You can find out, for example, how many steps there are in a particular hotel; if the entrance to a gallery, theatre or church is fully accessible; and whether help from another person is required,” says Marie Harcubová, ambassador of Disway. Marie is a seasoned traveller who knows what she’s talking about.

“Even though I’m in wheelchair, I’ve travelled to about 25 countries with my mother, which includes the United States, South Africa, India, Brazil, Norway and Thailand, to name a few. Exploring interesting places is my great hobby,” she says.

Travellers with a disability are encouraged to sign up and start writing reviews of the places they’ve visited.

“We are interested in whether a place, sight or exhibition is accessible for people with a hearing impairment, vision impairment or physical impairment, as well as for mothers with prams. For those who like to write articles, there is an option to create a blog,” Marie explains.

Visit the website today (www.disway.org) to share your travel experiences.

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