Double the delight

The Land Rover Discovery 4 and Discovery Sport are all the double Ds you need, as ZIPHORAH MASETHE finds out.

When you think of buying a vehicle, and an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is just what your life seems to demand, you should be deliberating between the Land Rover Discovery 4 and the Discovery Sport. While these luxury cars are designed for off-road adventure, the pure riding pleasure on-road will have you riding seamlessly to the pot of gold at the end of any driving rainbow.

Coming in at 1 920 mm in height (with the sunroof open), 4 838 mm in length and a roomy 2 200 mm wide, the new Discovery 4 has retained much of the Discovery 3 look, shape and setup. The upgrade, however, lies in the spacious cabin and impressive interior design, right down to the noteworthy power – up to 600 Nm of torque and 183 kW of power.

The Discovery 4 has seven leather seats laid out in stadium-seat design, giving an ample view to all. Flexibility is achieved through the huge cargo space created when folding the third row of seats. Land Rover has made this 4×4 accessible with easy-to-reach controls, and a 5-inch touch screen display that can be personalised and controlled by thumb controls on the steering wheel. The key-less entry Stop/Start button adds to the vehicle’s convenience while decreasing pollution.

Although it sports a much sleeker and compact design, the Discovery Sport 2.2 SD4 is just as tough and even more capable. With 420 Nm of torque and 140 kW of power at your disposal, you are definitely in for a joy ride. Although a mid-size SUV, it also has seven seats, with sufficient legroom when the third row is not folded.

The sophistication of the sporty aerodynamic design is carried through the interior’s double-stitched leather and stylish metal accents. As with the Discovery 4, you can choose your infotainment via a finger touch to the screen or thumb-press on the steering wheel. For rear-seat passengers, there are optional entertainment screens and USB ports in every row.

Both the Discovery 4 and Discovery Sport have wide opening doors, and a fairly low side step that makes it easier to get aboard. Along with the standard driver and passenger airbags, second row head curtain airbags and audible seat belt warning, the Discovery Sport also includes a pedestrian airbag!

The generous cargo space and roof racks provide ample room for a wheelchair and luggage. Packed with cruise control options, blind spot monitor sensors, park assist and voice assist, how much easier does it get to drive an adventure-built luxury SUV?

Oh, that voice assist? That must be to command the car you choose to drive out of the dealership to said pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

For more information, please call Land Rover Waterford on 011 658 1445 and ask for Mike Labuschagne or Kevin Sagathevan.

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