QASA CEO completes his 100th Parkrun

Ari Seirlis
By Ari Seirlis
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Hats off to Ari Seirlis, who has completed his 100th Parkrun! Ari completed the event, which took place at Durban’s North Beach, at the beginning of February. Parkrun is a global event, which encourages people to walk and run 5 km on Saturday mornings at set locations. Ari is often joined by his sister, Angela, on these Saturday morning outings, which he very much enjoys.

Ari Seirlis is the CEO of the QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA) and managing editor of Rolling Inspiration. email:

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Ari Seirlis is the former CEO of the QuadPara Association of South Africa and, presently, a member of the Presidential Working Group on Disability. He is a wheelchair user and disability activist.
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