Bread tags to wheels for children with disabilities

QASA donated wheelchairs to two learners from the Mason Lincoln Special School in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, after the school collected bread tags. A third chair was donated by Polystyrene Association of South Africa. With the help of Umhlali Preparatory School, Mason Lincoln Special School collected enough bread tags over two years […]

Helping your child with early maths

Many dislike maths, but it’s an important tool. Emma McKinney discusses ways to teach kids maths through everyday activities Many people think that maths only involves school-based sums and algebra. Not everyone finds maths easy and sometimes we pass on our anxieties to our children. Maths is important for more […]

Care for the carer

Parents and caregivers of children with disailities are at risk of burning out. Emma McKinney highlights the need for the parents to take care of themselves as well For many parents and caregivers of children with disabilities, their primary focus is on caring for and supporting their child or children […]

Adapting sport for children with disabilities

  With a few accommodations, children with disabilities can benefit just as much from sport as their peers. Emma McKinney takes a look Sport and activity participation is important for all children, including children with disabilities. It is important for developing self-esteem, social skills, fitness, improved co-ordination, gross and fine […]

A healthy approach to the sex talk

While many parents can find it uncomfortable, sexual health education is a crucial part a child’s upbringing. DANIE BREEDT gives some tips on how to approach the discussion, including talking to children with disabilities Learning to access sex education as well as talk openly and honestly about sexual health is […]

Playdates and children with disabilities

It is important for children to socialise with their peers outside of school. EMMA MCKINNEY provides parents with some tips on navigating playdates with their children with disabilities  Playdates are a regular childhood activity. Socialising with other children outside of school is very important. Children learn important social skills such […]

Inclusive play park for medically fragile children

Surrounded by joyful laughter, St. Joseph’s Home (SJH) unveiled the brand new play park at their 175-bed paediatric intermediary care facility in Cape Town. Designed specifically to accommodate children with disabilities, the play area is an oasis for paediatric patients to spend time outdoors in a safe space – something […]

Accessible home learning

EMMA MCKINNEY provides some tips on how to make an environment more accessible for home learning Previously many parents and caregivers of children with disabilities felt that schoolwork, activities and therapy were best left to their children’s school, teachers and in some instances, therapists. However, the COVID-19 lockdown has shown […]

Forms to support learners with disabilities

Continuing her series, Emma McKinney discusses the forms that teachers need to complete to access support for learners In this section of the series, we focus on providing teachers with an understanding of the second stage of the screening, identification, assessment and support (SIAS) policy. This stage includes assessments and […]