Accessing support for those who need it most

Continuing her series on integrating children with disabilities into inclusive classrooms in mainstream schools, Emma McKinney explains what a learner profile is and how teachers should complete this from to access support for learners who need it most The last article focussed on the Screening, Identification, Assessment and Support (SIAS) […]

Teachers learn sign language

Embury Institute for Higher Education (Embury) launched the first South African Sign Language Teachers’ Training Programme in the country at the start of July. Students enrolling for this programme, which is run in partnership with the Development Institute for the Deaf and Blind (DIDB), will qualify with a higher certificate […]

Assistive devices: Not just a nice-to-have

South Africans have been (justifiably) outraged by the fact that many schoolchildren are not able to learn because they do not have textbooks or toilets. Yet, for many children with disabilities, attending school or learning to read is impossible as they lack critical assistive devices, such as wheelchairs or hearing […]

Road to inclusive education

The South African education system is struggling, with many students unable to access meaningful education and schools failing to retain students. This is even more true for the thousands of children with disabilities who have no access to any form of education, are not in school or receive sub-par schooling. […]