Power of talking it out

July is mental health awareness month. Rolling Inspiration will commemorate the month by discussing various mental health topics. Keep an eye on our website, newsletter and social media accounts for updates. Have you ever heard the saying: “Boys don’t cry”? According to mental health experts, the historical gender role-based norm […]

New digital mental health platform

Facing severe and ongoing anxiety, depression and other mental health risks presented by COVID-19, The Space Between Us  (TSBU) is launching a technology-enabled, built-for-purpose, clinically led behaviour change platform that provides mental health access, insights, community support, content and engagement for South Africans in the workplace and individuals on social […]

Virtual, private counselling with Syked

The SAB Foundation is dedicated to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs who show promise and are dedicated to improving the surrounding communities. This month, the organisation highlighted Syked – a virtual private counselling platform for individuals looking for alternative ways of seeking mental health support without putting themselves at risk. […]

Dealing with psychotic episodes

A psychotic episode is frightening. For loved ones, for caretakers and, especially, for the person experiencing the episode. People diagnosed with schizophrenia can at times experience psychotic episodes during which they become unable to distinguish between reality and hallucinations. It’s important for loved ones and caretakers to take note of […]