Support Casual Day 2021

Casual Day – an annual event to support people with disabilities – will take place next week on Friday, 3 September 2021. Organised by the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), this year’s theme is courage and kindness. “Our gratitude goes to our loyal supporters who have, […]

Doing more to include workers with disabilities

The private sector must do more to support the government and include South Africans with disabilities in the workforce. This will benefit both the individuals and businesses, but also the economy at large. This was the overarching message during the multi-stakeholder gathering held at LESCO Manufacturing ahead of the International […]

Not a good ride for persons with disabilities

While the South African public transport infrastructure has improved significantly since the advent of democracy, persons with disabilities remain deeply frustrated by a system that is intended to be universally accessible but, well, misses the bus. “The government has excellent and noble intentions, but intentions are not enough. We’ve made […]