Caring better for your bladder

 With gaps in the level of care, Dr Virginia Wilson and her team wrote a paper on the recommended best practice for bladder management. Mariska Morris reports Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are accompanied often by other conditions due to the damage caused to the nervous system. A common resulting condition […]

Debunking the myths around the COVID vaccine

To promote the first issue of 2021, Rolling Inspiration is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, 31 March, at 7 PM. During the free-to-attend event, Rolling Inspiration editor, Mariska Morris, and managing editor, Raven Benny, will discuss the myths surrounding the COVID vaccine with Rolling Inspiration contributor, George Louw. George qualified […]

Webinar offers readers more value

In January, Rolling Inspiration hosted its second webinar. The aim of the event was to promote Issue 4 of 2020, provide readers with even more information, and offer an opportunity for the audience to directly engage with the contributors and advertisers in the magazine. The free-to-attend, full-day webinar boasted 10 […]

Success with first webinar

On Friday, 23 October, Rolling Inspiration hosted its first webinar during which readers could engage with the Rolling Inspiration team of disability experts who write for the publication. With topics ranging from health and beauty to employment and travel, the full-day webinar consisted of ten session with 15-minute breaks in […]