Maintenance to keep your chair happy

With a little attention and love, you can add years of use to your wheelchair’s life. MARISKA MORRIS investigates the best ways to care for your chair Wheelchairs are expensive, but incredibly essential. Fortunately, it is easy to extend your chair’s life by ensuring you service, repair and clean your...

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Fat-burning workouts for wheelchair users

Tiffiny Carlson shares some ideas for fat-burning workouts adapted for people with spinal cord injuries. This article was first published by on January 10. Almost everybody seems to be interested in losing weight these days. For a wheelchair user, losing weight is especially hard. Many of the workouts we […]

Five of the world’s most wheelchair-friendly cities

Travelling is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences anyone could have, and that shouldn’t be off limits to wheelchair users. Here are just five of the world’s most wheelchair-friendly cities to consider visiting this year. Amsterdam It’s one of the world’s most exciting cities, and fortunately also one […]

Five-year old gets the gift of mobility

Five-year old Buhlebenkosi Mene’s life has changed forever, and for the better, with a much-needed wheelchair, sponsored by the Breadtags for Wheelchairs project and the WP Stormers Rubgy team. Buhlebenkosi, who lives in Kraaifontein, was born with spina bifida, a birth defect, in which the vertebrae don’t form properly around […]