Health of employees working from home

While working remotely comes with a new set of challenges, agile businesses are seizing this opportunity to increase efficiencies and reduce expenses – along with the added benefit of boosting employee wellness in many cases, it would seem. “What started out as a temporary solution to a dramatically changed world […]

Robotics creating jobs for people with disabilities

Robots are well on the way to becoming ubiquitous in manufacturing, where they are having an impact on the work environment and on jobs themselves. Although some people have reservations about their use (because they can be seen to be replacing humans in the workplace), they can be greatly beneficial; […]

South Africans with disabilities overlooked in employment targets

The 17th Commission of Employment Equity report highlights the lack of progress in transforming South Africa’s workplace. Interestingly, there has been little mention of disability in the commentary that has followed. Tendai Khumalo, MD of Qunu Workforce, which provides disability solutions for companies and government, explains that while there is […]