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Lizé Kidson with her mother.

Lizé Kidson had a rough couple of years as she struggled to find employment and her health deteriorated. The virtual Spar Women’s Run, however, inspired her to be her own sunshine. She shares her story.

As a 35-year-old with osteogenesis imperfecta, I always wanted to do the Spar Women’s Run when we stayed in Pretoria, but never got the chance. When I heard that there would be a Virtual Run in the whole country this year, I decided this is my chance!

Facing some obstacles

These days my life is a bit rough. My mom and I moved to KwaZulu-Natal years ago when she went on pension. Since then, I’ve been unable to find work. I had to give up my medical aid and, for the last two years, my health has deteriorated as I couldn’t go to the right doctors or get the proper medication.

Sometimes I feel like I just want to give up, because I wake up with pain, I go to bed with pain. Two years ago, I broke my femur and it doesn’t want to heal properly. Since then my mom has had to help me with almost everything. It is difficult for both of us. Just when I thought that everything was getting better, I broke a rib and hurt my arm.

My biggest wish since I was little is to care for my mom when she gets old, but, now, she must care for me with her small pension. She tries to buy medication even when we don’t have enough to get through the month. It makes me so incredibly sad.

I’ve faced depression and suicidal thoughts, but then I think of my mom, how she raised me and my brother (who has the same disorder), struggling to give us everything she can. I have to push through for her.

A bright moment

Lizé Kidson with her friend, Elmarie Pretorius, after finishing the Virtual Spar Women’s Run.

When I heard about the Virtual Spar Women’s Run, I decided that I am going to do it, even if I take the whole day. At least I have the sea to look at when I get tired! I asked my friend to do it with me.  The last time I did a run was about 20 years ago!

To feel better about myself, to get me on the right path again and to get my hope back again (even if it is only for a day), I am going to be my own sunshine! I am going to chase the bully of my own life away, who makes me think and believe that I can’t do anything for myself and that I am stupid because other people say it to you.

I am going to wear my Wonder Woman pants that my mom bought me and I am going to fly with my wheels over the tar road …

Lizé participated in the run but was injured. Fortunately, her friend was able to push her to the finish line. Congratulations on completing the run!

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