First pass in drive-from-wheelchair Renault

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Tinyiko Gwambe was born with a physical disability called tetra-amelia congenital syndrome. The 23-year-old graduated with a distinction from the University of Pretoria to obtain her bachelor’s degree in social work with a dream to drive regardless of her disability.

Unfortunately she was not a suitable candidate for the Driving Ambitions project when she initially applied. But after acquiring the Renault Kangoo, the Driving Ambitions programme could finally welcome Gwambe.

The new vehicle allows the driver to be seated in their wheelchair and offers various automations to assist people with more severe mobility impairments. Gwambe was assessed by Caroline Rule and passed her test on her first try!

Gwambe says getting her licence will give her more opportunities. She would like to thank Rule, Des Harmse, the QASA team, and friends and family for all the support. QASA wishes this tenacious lady well for the future.

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