Issue 2 2022 coming soon!

Our second edition of Rolling Inspiration for 2022 will be available online in the coming weeks with the printed magazine to follow shortly after. In this issue, we interview Max Kulati about his journey to becoming a professional body builder, Ari Seirlis argues that wheelchair parking should only be for wheelchair users and we look at the improvements and alterations that renters can make to a property – to name but a few.

Our digital magazine is free to read on our website. If you would like a hard copy of the magazine, complete the registration form here! Here is a sneak peak at our cover story for Issue 2:

Max aspires to be a professional bodybuilder. As he explains: “There are no pro bodybuilders in wheelchairs.” He would like to represent South Africa at international competitions, but also wheelchair users at a more local level. This will undoubtedly take a lot of hard work and dedication. Fortunately, Max has a passion for fitness and weight training. In fact, when I phoned, Max was at the gym!

“The gym is my second church after church,” he says jokingly. “I’m obsessed with weights. The gym is my comfort zone – a place for me to clear my mind.” Max had to deal with a lot – frankly he still does! Single father of three and currently unemployed, Max had to battle coming to terms with his disability, find the motivation to carry on while still providing for his family. As he grows too old for most learnerships, Max is depended on his disability grant to care for his family. Despite qualifications in public administration, he has been unable to find permanent employment. But, exercise helps.

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