Revealed: A world first in prosthetic hands

BrainRobotics, Artificial Intelligence, prosthesis

ROLLING INSPIRATION editor Charleen Clarke attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2019 and spotted something really incredible: The world’s most affordable prosthetic hand powered by artificial intelligence (AI)!

Developed by a company called BrainRobotics, the prosthetic mimics the functionality of a human hand with incredible precision. The hand makes use of multi-channel electromyography (EMG) sensors. When combined with cutting-edge deep learning techniques in the robotic control system, these sensors enable the hand to process high-resolution muscle signals. This, in turn, gives users intuitive control over commonly used grips and custom hand motions.

“Using proprietary AI algorithms, our prosthetic hand learns to understand each amputee’s desired gestures, with the system continually adapting and improving as the individual uses it. This process creates a more natural experience than has ever been possible before and makes the prosthetic an innate extension of the user,” a spokesman for the company told ROLLING INSPIRATION. Moreover, this prosthetic hand is far more durable than other options developed so far.

BrainRobotics, Artificial Intelligence, prosthesis

“Traditional prostheses have an integrated design that is vulnerable to damage. To solve this problem, our team has created a prosthetic hand with a modular mechanical design. It allows users to replace broken components easily without having to purchase an entire hand, which greatly reduces maintenance costs,” the spokesman added.

We saw the hand in action, and it truly is a sensational development that could change the lives of thousands of people. BrainRobotics has already provided three patients with its prosthetic hand, and it is the company’s goal to improve 20 000 patients’ lives by the end of this year. We truly hope that this goal is achieved – it is an amazing innovation.

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