Must-know legalities for tenants with disabilities

While South African laws do protect renters with disabilities from evictions, Cilna Steyn urges renters to disclose their disability in the rental agreement The right of occupation is important when discussing rental property. There are two seemingly similar, and yet, not equal rights when dealing with immoveable properties: the right […]

Wheelmate to track accessibility

The Coloplast WheelMate mobile app makes it easier to find accessible parking bays and bathrooms Many companies try to accommodate people with disabilities by providing accessible bathrooms and parking bays. However, it can be challenging to locate these when first visiting a new building. In addition, these may not meet […]

Travel without limits

Travellers with disabilities have to overcome many barriers when planning, booking, and venturing on a trip, whether for business or pleasure. Some of these are minor inconveniences, but others can make travel extremely difficult, or even impossible, without help. My Trip PA has partnered with Fability and Able2Travel to create […]

Digital accessibility made simple

  According to Forrester Research, accessible websites provide companies with a significant business opportunity, as people with disabilities, globally, have more than US$1,2 trillion (R17,6 trillion) in disposable income. Yet digital accessibility is not improving even though more than a million new websites become active daily. Many websites are not compliant with […]

Making the internet more accessible

Toyer Adams, quality assurance (QA) expert at Black Beard Technology, explains how developers have failed to create an accessible environment online with website design that excludes some people with disabilities. Although the worldwide web has been lauded as a great equaliser that provides unparalleled access to information and opportunities, it […]

Vaal fishermen in the big leagues

The South African Sport Anglers and Casting Confederation is currently hosting the fourth Sport Fishing World Games in South Africa. The event kicked off on February 9 and will conclude on February 17. The Sport Fishing World Games has always been a very important activity on the CIPS (International Fishing […]

Five of the world’s most wheelchair-friendly cities

Travelling is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences anyone could have, and that shouldn’t be off limits to wheelchair users. Here are just five of the world’s most wheelchair-friendly cities to consider visiting this year. Amsterdam It’s one of the world’s most exciting cities, and fortunately also one […]

Disability activist raises awareness about accessible parking at Thorn Tree Mall Plaza

Disability activist and wheelchair user Veronica Baloyi noticed a driver misusing an accessible parking bay at the Thorn Tree Mall Plaza in Soshanguve in June. She confronted the driver and was met with arrogance. “As a wheelchair user, this situation omits my freedom of doing my own shopping. Before I […]