Spinal injury to inspirational coffee

With a little help from the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Player’s Fund, Ollie Terblanche had the courage to find and pursue new passions, which lead to the inspirational Rise Coffee brand Heinrich “Ollie” Terblanche was a determined rugby player with high hopes for a career in the sport he loved. […]

Prosthesis only the tip of the iceberg

For HEINRICH GRIMSEHL rehabilitation is much more than simply fitting a patient for a prosthesis. He shares his thoughts What is a rehabilitation protocol and why is it so important? This is better explained by an example. Let’s say for example your leg was amputated below the knee, the wound […]

Giving back to people with disabilities

In 2012, after a tragic gymnastics accident, Brandon Beack became a quadriplegic wheelchair user. While training, he lost concentration and fell off the parallel bars, missing the safety mats and landing on his head. He broke his neck at C6/ C7 spinal motion vertebrae and was left instantly paralysed from […]

Rehabilitation in lessening the long-term effects of COVID-19

  The effects of coronavirus (or COVID-19) has been felt globally with many countries around the world managing the pandemic with varying degrees of success. There is still so much that we have to learn about the coronavirus as it affects people in many different ways. In a South African […]

With a little push from Care@Midstream

Rehabilitation often requires the therapist to push the patient beyond what they think they are able to do. For Marnus van Graan, the professional push from the staff at Care@Midstream, a division of ClaytonCare Group, made all the difference in his recovery. In 2016, Van Graan was in a car […]