Accessible approach to makeup

Whether you are entering the dating world, would like to look nice on date night or just enjoy wearing makeup, it can be tough to apply beauty products with limited hand dexterity. While many brands are redesigning their packaging to make it more user-friendly, few if any of these products are available in South Africa. So, instead, we need to get creative with how we apply makeup.

Getting a grip

Many beauty products (think lipstick, mascara or nail polish) are packaged in sleek bottles. While these look beautiful and stream lined, they are very difficult to handle. It can be tough to hold onto or screw loose.

To make it easier to grip these products, consider putting tape on the handle that you need to screw open and hold onto. A rubber elastic wrapped around the top several times could also be a great solution.

Brushed alternative

Makeup brushes come in all kind of sizes, including those with textured or think handles, which make them easier to grip. Consider adapting your makeup routine to make more use of brushes. A small, thin brush could be used to apply lipstick or eyeliner, while a bigger brush can help apply foundation.

There are even sponge foundation brushes, which work like any other sponge applicator, but comes with a handle to make it easier to hold and manoeuvre – depending on your hand dexterity.

Trial and error

Finding the right products and application method takes practice. Try new techniques, think outside the box and be prepared to fail. That’s the only way to learn what works for you. With time, you might also need to adapt your methods to accommodate your level of dexterity.

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