First-ever wheelchair

QASA donated a wheelchair to Rudi Aspeling. Of the donation, he says: “I greatly appreciate the wonderful opportunity and privilege of owning my first wheelchair. I’ve been in a wheelchair for 25 years due to an overdose of medication at the age of 12, which left me a spastic quadriplegic with irreversible brain damage. I’ve healed tremendously, although I still have a speech impediment and am a paraplegic.

“I’m thankful to QASA (to every person who was of assistance), for paving the way for me, a few years after I matriculated, to attend Bible College. Thank you all for the great support over the years. You are truly a blessed organisation,” Rudi notes.

He adds: “It’s because of you that I’m able to stand tall in spirit with much humbleness. I would just like to say thanks a million times over, and I will be forever grateful for your support. I’m so thankful for the wheelchair!”

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