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Our third instalment of Rolling Inspiration for 2020 will soon be published. Here’s a little sneak peak into this issue with an extract of the cover story written by Ari Seirlis. If you want to read the full article and access the magazine, subscribe today by filling out our form here.

It took me a few years to settle – then I yearned to fly fish. I knew that the calm of fly fishing would be the perfect remedy to recover from war and injury. Whether I liked to admit it or not, post-traumatic stress existed. There was no demobilisation process from the army and there is no quick fix for the trauma of the spinal cord injury.

There needs to be a place where one can find calmness; that allows one to meditate and make sense of the senseless. For me, that place is in fly fishing! There were, however, some physical elements with which to deal as I have no triceps muscles, very little agility in my fingers and limited wrist movement.

With rod in hand, I went to orthotist and prosthetist, Heinrich Grimsehl, at his practice in Durban, and asked him to offer a solution whereby I could hold the rod and functionally be able to cast. His ingenuity with some reel engineering from my good friend, Brett Bakke, I was soon ready.

I took a few casting lessons at Blue Lagoon with Mike Harker. After achieving 50 feet of line on the water, I knew it was time to visit the mountains again. So, the analogy of fly fishing to good business strategy and market penetration was born.

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  • great to have ari at troutbagger farm he has caught fish but he needs to get onto a troutbagger bus ( our 10lbs fish plus) don’t forget to bring the chivers !!!

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