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Jeffrey Yates shares the highlights from the adaptive go-karting event hosted by the Adaptive Sports Fund

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Jeffrey Yates shares the highlights from the adaptive go-karting event hosted by the Adaptive Sports Fund

In an adrenaline filled day of speed and racing, the Adaptive Sports Fund (ASF) hosted an adaptive go-karting event at K1 Karting in Boksburg, which left a memorable mark on the lives of participants from previously disadvantaged communities and individuals with disabilities. The event proved to be a resounding success, demonstrating the transformative power of adaptive sports.

The day was filled with heart-warming moments as participants, many of whom had never experienced the thrill of go- karting before, took to the track. For those with disabilities, adaptive hand-controls were provided to ensure they could fully engage in the experience. The sight of individuals with various impairments cruising around the circuit was nothing short of inspirational.

The event aimed to bridge the gap between those with and without disabilities, enriching an environment of inclusivity, support, and empowerment.

Sandile, a participant in the event, encapsulated the spirit of the day when he shared his personal milestone: “The go- karting event was truly a personal milestone for me. This was the first time I’ve been in control of a vehicle of any kind since my accident, which happened 10 years ago. It gave me the confidence to take that next step and start driving again soon.”


The event was about more than just racing; it was a day of empowerment. Participants, regardless of their backgrounds, were able to showcase their capabilities, proving that their disabilities were not limitations. The event instilled a sense of confidence, self-belief, and camaraderie among the participants, as they encouraged one another to push their limits.

Moreover, the event served as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of adaptive sports in promoting inclusivity and breaking down societal barriers. It showcased the impressive potential of individuals with disabilities and the need for more accessible opportunities.

“The go-karting was my second ASF event that I attended,” shared Jené Frost. “It is right up my ally … full of speed, adrenaline, and lots of laughs. It was fantastic to participate in the event, and having the karts adapted was phenomenal. Being able to zip around the track was a thrilling experience, and I even got a top four fastest lap time.”

Nick Eaton said: “When I lost the use of my legs, I thought the world was over. I withdrew from the world and was in a very dark place. ASF makes a point of showing us that there is a life after you become disabled.”

In the end, the success of the adaptive go- karting event went beyond the chequered flag. It was a triumph of the human spirit, demonstrating the transformative power of sports in breaking down barriers and empowering individuals. The event’s positive impact extended beyond the racetrack, leaving participants with newfound confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.

ASF’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment continues to drive positive change in the lives of those it serves, and the adaptive go-karting event was yet another testament to their dedication.


Adaptive Sports Fund (ASF) is a non-profit company, committed to supporting individuals with disabilities and breaking down barriers and creating a more equitable and just world for all people, regardless of their abilities. and with the following objectives:

Supporting, enriching, encouraging, motivating and providing resources that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals for them to live their best lives and creating a more accessible and equitable society for all.

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