2019 SAB Foundation winners announced

SAB Foundation, Disability Empowerment Awards, winners 2019

The annual SAB Foundation Social Innovation and Disability Empower Awards identify small companies and entrepreneurs who are providing services or products that elevate their communities, and award them funding and advice to assist in furthering their businesses.

This year, the SAB Foundation awarded a total of R13,6 million to the 20 finalists of the Social Innovations and Disability Empowerment Awards. First place in the Disability Empowerment category was awarded to Dr Daemon McClunan for OptiShunt, an innovative implant that prevents blindness in glaucoma patients. OptiShunt received a prize of R1,3 million, which will be used for clinical trials.

Second place was awarded to Little Eden CEO Xelda Rohrbeck for ShowerBath. These raised shower-baths make it easier for caregivers to bath people with severe disabilities. ShowerBath received R750 000 to roll the innovation out throughout the organisation.

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2 thoughts on “2019 SAB Foundation winners announced

  1. I am disappointed to see that Mpho Mohlala, who won joint first place for his innovation – specialised seating for disabled children, is not mentioned or credited with his amazing project. He won the audience choice award as well.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. We were asked to refrain from mentioning Mpho because of safety concerns that arose after he won.

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